Lost Creek Wilderness {November 2011}

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two More on the Horizon

In the course of one extended weekend, I have had two seemingly successful medical school interviews (fingers crossed for Colorado!), and have entered into the planning stages for two upcoming road/camping trips (one small, one quite a bit larger).

In mid-March, my boyfriend Justin and I have decided to explore South Dakota for a few days. We’ll be able to bring our pup, Kona, since he loves the car – if not for the thrill of the ride, than certainly for the excitement awaiting at the end of the road – and make the easy six-hour drive to the Black Hills & Black Elk Wilderness in the southwestern corner of the state. Justin researched a few backpacking trails in the area, and found a promising loop allowing us to 1) travel a section of the Centennial Trail (110 miles long in total), 2) hike into Mount Rushmore National Monument, and 3) visit the interior of Black Elk Wilderness all in one short backpacking outing. To make the trip a bit more challenging, we’ll likely add a side-jaunt to Cathedral Spires, Harney Peak, or some other interesting destination. Of course, we’ll have to include a drive through the Badlands as well.

Our longer trip (minus the pup)? Ten days in California and the Eastern Sierra scheduled for late June! We’ll hit Great Basin, Nevada {which apparently has the darkest night sky in the continental United States}, the Eastern Sierra {including several remote hot springs}, Yosemite {hopefully getting the chance to climb Half Dome}, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and Zion, Utah. I can hardly wait; the Sierra Nevada, for me, epitomizes new territory just begging to be explored!

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