Lost Creek Wilderness {November 2011}

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One month spent sleeping in a tent {2010}

                                                      Base of Mount Elbert (highest point in CO) with Zahra

A cold beer, blazing campfire, and the serenity of the great outdoors ... I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my time. Whether climbing one of Colorado's 54 fourteeners, viewing the spectacular autumn colors, or simply enjoying the solitude offered by the vast expanses of wilderness created by the Rockies, I have loved every minute of camping this past year. To quote John Fielder, a nationally renowned nature photographer, 'I think I am correct when I say that there is no place like Colorado. Our mountains are neither the oldest nor the youngest ... What is remarkable is that they have weathered and crumbled to exactly the right degree to make them the most beautiful mountains in the world'. Of course, I agree one hundred percent :)

Colorado aside, I have been blessed to set up my tent in the neighboring states of Utah {Zion & Bryce}, New Mexico {near White Sands & Carlsbad Caverns}, and Nebraska {Lake McConaughy} as well as Montana {Glacier} and Canada {Waterton}. -- I am only including those places that I have camped since January 1, 2010, thus excluding the three weeks camped on the Serengeti in Tanzania during the summer of 2009 :) -- Twenty-eight days spent sleeping in a tent within the framework of one year is rather impressive, but I have no doubt that I can surpass that number in 2011. I think I'll begin with a backpacking trip through one of the greatest natural wonders of the world: the Grand Canyon. Now that's an awesomely appropriate way to ring in a new year of traveling and exploring the secrets of this place we all call home! Until then ...

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